Say yes to activating your community in support of trees and women's empowerment by creating a fundraiser in aid of TreeSisters USA!
If you've been longing for a way to contribute to the protection and restoration of nature, to wrap your arms around our global forests and feel powerful and hopeful in the face of climate change, this is an opportunity to experience the kind of impact you can have, and what it feels like to stand beside other women making a difference.

Getting Started

Thank you for activating your community and for your generous leafy green support in aid of TreeSisters USA!

How about taking your community on a forest walk to share your love for nature, use your birthday or another occasion, set up a booth at a local festival, or host a music or art event with donations in support of TreeSisters USA? Together you will create a bigger impact than if you were alone. These are great ways to fundraise in sisterhood to collectively make a difference in your community.

To fundraise in aid of TreeSisters USA please read our terms and conditions and complete our fundraising in aid of registration.

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